Dear All,
My choicest wishes for your wholesome development.

I am sure, with all efforts and internal potency – you all are able enough to attain your inner best in most viable manner though YOGA and can lead a life worth enough.

Now-a-days it is needless to say about the benefits of YOGA – and its rampancy all over the World, more particularly, since its beneficial impacts for all – that too for people of all ages - starting from child to the old.

Awfully, despite varieties of efforts by numerous trainers & learners – why attainment of wholesome development is still a far cry? Why years long continuous efforts proves abortive and leaves people desperate? Still we can not think – Whether without resorting to Yoga we can lead a life in an attainable manner?

Needless to say – over the years, my association with lot number of people from different streams of society could help me mark out a number of secrets of “life and living” in a volatile manner that really reflects “different” and obviously leaves "some lasting impressions" in the mind and soul of people.

I will be obliged enough to all those who will help me share that SECRET in an action-reflection manner and help others realize the reality of life who are entangled by the miseries and mysteries of their life.

With due homage to “All viable efforts of all the trainers and learners of Yoga” on this earth – I would like to invite people from all the corners of World to come, join and pursue me to help others “envision their inner excellence” and of course lead life in truly attainable manner.

Dr. Bhagirathi                           
The Yogacharya                            

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