Awakening Energy Centres of Body through Sound
Realizing Energy Centres

It is also called Prano or Prano Vidya . The Breathing Techniques, Essence of Life

To stimulate active sex hormones and power inside body through TANDAV for Men and KAUSAKI for Women

To reduce stress, activate energy centres and promote internal potency

Yoga De-tox i.e. Cleansing Toxic in Body i.e. purify body and blood that will reduce at least 50% stomach diseases like Acidity, Constipation, Gastric, Indigestion, Ulcer, Toxic Bile, etc

Classes of 20 varieties, for beginners and neo-beginners

Activate brain cells of children leading to consistency, concentration, improved memory

To recover your energy and strength with peace of mind/soul

Relaxation of body and mind i.e. half an hour practice leads to relief from 80% mental disturbances, disease, stress, strain and High Blood Pressure etc.

Providing Certificate from a Registered Society of India

Focusing on "Queries concerning to Worries" . Added to this, there is provision of classes specifically for Children, Women, People in general i.e. of all ages, the diseased etc

N.B. Provide Yoga Tours to Buddhist and Other Spiritual places (Of Spiritual and Yogic Importance) of India. Even provide Resource Persons and Yoga Masters to the arrangers for such purpose.
And above all
TATWA SUDDHI (Purification of Elements)
In fact, TATWA means Elements. Human body is built up of 5 elements i.e. Fire, Air, Sky, Earth and Water. SUDDHI means Purification – that leads to psychic empowerment of human beings. Thus TATWA SUDDHI means Purification of Elements of Human Body.

But why is it mandatory?

Despite years after year rigorous Yoga Practice – in many cases many people are unable to achieve the desired result. And obviously that leads to no result even though we witness cases of learners throwing blame on the teachers and vice versa. But through practice of Tatwa Suddhi, We will be able:-
  • To Demolish (curb) Negative Forces of Body ( that coerces human beings devastating existing positive forces of body )
  • To Imbibe/Strengthen Positive Forces within Body
  • To lead to Psychic Empowerment of Mind and Soul
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