With due homage to feelings, favours, mentalities and sentiments of all people over the World – I do put forth some ideas and views that will contribute to develop spirit of fulfillment and live life in attainable manner.

1) Love in Family, Love in Society – Blessings from Nature:-

When we are leading a life in family - we think to up bring children properly, take care of parents and lead life nicely. We are getting love and care from family. When we think development of society, care for others – we will certainly get love and respect from others in society. In the same way, when we will care the Nature – we will get blessings from the Nature i.e. the Universal Force. But – have we ever thought over our duty to our Body? To enjoy our life we smoke, drink and eat as much we like as per our wish and will? But have we ever thought how harmful those are? And contrary to that, what quantum of intake is beneficial?

Patanjali Yoga adheres
Yama – The Social Conduct – How to behave with others, how to deal with  the society.
Niyama – Self Conduct ie. How to Behave with ourselves.

Even though we practice Yoga for healthy survival, have we ever followed Yama and Niayama in true sense? Have we ever been responsive to others and that too to the Society? We have to mind that we are practicing Yoga and Higher Yoga etc. We have to follow the simple principles of Yama and Niyama in our day to day life. Then only we will attain fulfillment in life.


Obviously, in spite of repeated practices – A Questions still reigns supreme in the mind of numerous people – “What is Yoga” ? With due homage to realizations of all the learners and teachers of Yoga on this earth I must say that – “Few people have really understood What Yoga really is? To some people Yoga means twisting the body into impossible positions, standing on the head and performing difficult and even dangerous postures. To others, it is merely a set of physical postures that make us look healthy and beautiful. Others again think of Yoga as a pastime for retired people who have spiritual inclination.

In reality, Yoga is a fully integrated practice that affects all aspects of human life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It offers a variety of practices, both physical & mental with the assumption that human being forms as a whole and that there is an interaction between the physical body, emotions and the mind. In fact, people do carry the mere impression that Asanas (Postures) are Yoga. The very word Yoga means “To Join” i.e. To Link and i.e. body mind and soul/energy. In short – Joining Individual Force to Universal Force.

Yoga as a practice is Really a Holistic Practice that teaches us how to combine Action, Knowledge and Devotion for complete fulfillment of life. For Example - The love and affection of Mother is quite natural towards her child. In case the child cries in hunger – the mother has to provide it milk or food. And for that sake the mother must know how to prepare and provide food. She must be also aware and conscious about the hunger and food need of child. Here we find a combination three aspects i.e. Love, Knowledge and Action. Affection towards child is Love, Preparing Food is Knowledge and Providing Food is Action. Likewise, When we practice Yoga – We must know that Simply by practice we can not attain the fulfillment unless we further have knowledge about the techniques and practices of Yoga & above all “Devotion”. Thus Yoga is a combination of aspects like - Love – i.e. Devotion – Yoga of Heart (Bhakti Yoga), Knowledge – Yoga of Knowledge (Gyan Yoga) and the Action – Yoga of Action (Karma Yoga)

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