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Have faith – and Believe how your faith is reliable ?
A Unique Gift - YOGA NIDRA

Any man above the age of 8 years can use this technique.As a result, tissues of mind will be activated and will ensure concentration of mind, activation of memory capacity, strengthened determination, relaxation from stress and strain as well as cohesion among mental and physical instincts. Consequently, control over bad habit, Blood Pressure, Asthma, Numbness, Forgetfullness, Sleeplessness, Constipation, Acidity, Allergy and Rheumatic complains will be quite easy. Further, there will be an up rise of creativeness, spirited thoughts and tolerance of pain etc. in a very streamlined manner with the passing of time.

Hence, to lead a peaceful life, free from intolerance ofmany incurable/chronic diseases – you need to purchase this CD and practice Yoga Nidra. In fact, this practice will be a blessing in disguise to you, if your children and aged seniors to be in habit of this practice i.e. Yoga Nidra.

Only half an hour practice a day – gives relaxation of2 hours peaceful sleep. Obviously, it is a “Life-time Friend” of every Student, Executive and Youngsters who is toiling so hard to achieve success and development in life. It is an acclaimed experience of Saints since age and that of Doctors and Scientists now in modern days.

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