Is an invaluable book for children and the parents who are obviously worried and concerned for their children to develop them truly a Complete Man or Woman. This helps improving memory and developing intelligence, tolerance, sound mental and physical balance as well as peace of mind among children. Keeping in view the standing need of growing children the book contains features of basic yoga education to develop children – healthy and intelligent – who can contribute to create a healthy society. YOGA FOR CHILDREN is a simple attempt to bring “Wholesome Change in Children” and enables them to act as a Physically and Mentally fit personality. This tiny book explains through simple narration – How various Yogic Practices like YOGA NIDRA, SURYA NAMASKAR, PRANAYAM, MUDRA etc. emancipates the mental and physical stamina and overcomes the inertia in a child through conserving its bio-energy. Added to that, the book contains some basic tips “What to do and When to do” for children that will not only guide each and every activity of growing children and adolescents but also help them live their life in full joy despite the load of day to day studies.


This book depicts some of the basic and simple most practices that are suitable for of old age people and advisable for people even having diseases. In fact, some yogic practices are not advisable for certain diseases even though that benefits to the emerged diseases resultant of those diseases. Obviously, the repercussions have to be met with despite sincere efforts through yogic practice. Vitally – this book is a Typical Guide Book for people of Old Age- Who are unable to do even the basic practices. It contains tips like – how to breath while walking as well as some simple practices that will improve flexibility of body reducing stiffness of joints, practices to distribute & balance the energy over the whole body to reduce the risk of paralysis etc. These practices are the combination of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Meridian and Yoga This book has the Eye Catching features of Pictorial Demonstrations on “Energy Points of Body” and Which Practice activates which Energy Points or Organs”.


Mudra means Gesture. In this book Mudra of Fingers has been emphasized specifically. This clearly indicates how to treat different elements – of which our body is made. In fact, specific finger represent  specific element and through different Mudra of 5 fingers. We can increase and decrease elements in our body. For example – Ring Finger represents Earth element and if you are Fat, then earth element is more in your body. If you have dry lip and cracked heels – then Water element is less in you. Small finger represents the Water Element. As well as if you are suffering from cough and cold frequently then water element is more in you. You can reduce water elements through finger movements. Thus cure is at your finger tips. Is not it?


Collections on Chanting & Music that positively tingles Energy Centres of Body & revives spirit,  revitalizes inspirations - are with us:-

  • Maha Mrutyunjay Mantra (Chants that enables people to face/overcome Dreaded Mishaps like Severe Accidents, Pre-mature Death, Attack of Enemies and Danger to Life, Severe Diseases as well as Sorrows and Worries etc. with moral strength)
  • Gayatri Mantra (Chant that Improves Memory, Spirit, Concentration & Glow of body and mind)
  • Saundraya Lahiri (This Chant will fulfill your desires, inspire your spirits, help achieving aims and bring beauty and charm in your life.)
  • Yoga Nidra - A practice of 30 minutes leads to benefit of complete two hours sound sleep. Helps reducing stress, tension, insomenia and complete recovery of worries.

  • N.B. There is a lot of Indian music (Modern, Traditional and Classical) which one can choose to use while practicing Yoga.
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